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2021 Household Hazardous Waste Events

The June 19, 2021 event is full.

The next and final event will be October 2, 2021.

Registration will open September 2, 2021.

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In 2020 the Dutchess County Resource Recovery Facility (RRA) safely incinerated 7,132 pounds of household pharmaceuticals at our waste-to-energy facility! This community service, provided by the RRA, and our operator Wheelabrator Dutchess, is provided to law enforcement agencies in Dutchess County and seven surrounding counties free of charge. From our county alone, over 2,818 pounds of medications were incinerated last year. Our service keeps medications out of our waters, as well as, the hands of those who would abuse them or accidently ingest them. We have safely incinerated over 80,132 pounds (over 40 tons) since we started providing this service in 2009.


Resource Recovery Facility

The Dutchess County Resource Recovery Agency (RRA) is a public benefit agency that was established by the New York State Legislature in 1982 to oversee the construction, financing and operation of the Resource Recovery Facility (RRF), which opened in 1989. The RRF is a waste-to-energy facility that combusts most of the garbage that is collected in Dutchess County and is operated by Wheelabrator Dutchess County LLC. The RRF has a capacity of processing 164,000 tons of post-recycled waste per year and has a turbine that converts energy from the waste, which is then sold to Central Hudson Gas & Electric. The facility can turn 450 tons of waste into 9.3 megawatts (MW) of renewable power every day, enough to power over 9,000 homes. The facility also recovers 10 to 14 million pounds of ferrous metals from the waste for recycling each year.

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